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The quick and easy way to find the right tube. The tube filter helps you find the correct tube for your tire. Please note: More than one result is often shown for a tire size. Schwalbe tubes are extremely elastic and fit several tire sizes.

Tire Size

Valve type



3 steps to the right tube

Step 2: Choose your valve type.

AV (green) Auto, Moto. Length 40 mm.
DV (orange) Bicycle, Woods, Hollands. Length 32 mm or 40 mm.
SV (red) Sclaverand, Presta, French. Length 40 mm.
SV Extra long (yellow) Sclaverand, Presta, French. Length 50 mm / 60 mm / 80 mm.

Step 3: Choose your execution.


A standard Schwalbe tube holds air considerably longer. Due to the purity of the rubber compound and the uniform wall thickness.


Reduced weight. Same reliability as the standard version. Not available in all sizes.


Extremely light. Only for a very few sizes.


Large volume. Low Weight.


Extremely robust. A reinforced rubber base protects against the dreaded valve shear off. Only in Downhill sizes. If you want large volume with low weight, choose Extralight.