Schwalbe expands its cyclocross line


Schwalbe is introducing its newest X-One cross tire design, X-One Bite, to the market at the Eurobike show. The previous model is now known as X-One Allround.

Its unusual profile and carefully balanced Triple Compound make the X-One Allround one of the fastest cross tires ever. When used without a tube, it becomes a real high-flyer – as often confirmed on cyclo-cross Internet pages. With the correct wheel, the tubeless tire can be used in cyclo-cross at extremely low pressures.

Where the terrain is rough and muddy, the new X-One Bite comes into play. Designed for traction, it boasts a much coarser tread, but still manages to ride easy on the road. Its round knobs are superb at self-cleaning, biting into the most rugged terrain. “Where speed and outstanding grip on curves are required, we recommend a combination of X-One Allround on the rear wheel and X-One Bite up front,” says Peter Krischio, Product Manager Race at Schwalbe.

Schwalbe’s new cyclo-cross tire debuts in fall 2016 with Tubeless Easy and Performance versions in sizes 33-622. Prices at bicycle stores range from 32.90 euro for the Performance to 59.90 euro for the Tubeless Easy.


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