Al Grounder - tough tires for SUV bikes

Al Grounder is Schwalbe’s first tyre specially designed for SUV bikes. With state-of-the-art tire technology and the looks of a motorcycle-tire, it easily masters on-road and off-road adventures.

These eco-friendly SUVs are one of the major bike trends on the market: Crossover e-bikes, where you can see the power. These robust, powerful SUV bikes promise plenty of trips and great range – and for that, only the toughest tires will do. The new AI Grounder has everything you need: with its wide tread bars it rolls lightly along roads and country lanes, maintaining sufficient traction on light off-road sections. The grippy, low-abrasion Addix Compound and Double Defence puncture protection in the RaceGuard version make this tire safe and durable.
‘For the new SUV bikes, we needed custom-designed tires. 60mm-wide MTB and city tires not only look wrong on the bike, they also lack the necessary versatility,’ explains Stefan Franken, Product Manager at Schwalbe. ‘The new Al Grounder combines the virtues of an on-road and off-road tire with a cool look.’ The most impressive feature is the tread design, inspired by Scrambler motorcycle tyres from the 60s – which can even awaken a touch of wanderlust.
Al Grounder is e-bike ready 50 and ECE-R 75 certified. Schwalbe produces it in sizes 60-584, 65-584 and 60-622, and recommends it for all-round and city SUV bikes. The price in specialist bike stores is, depending on size, €37.90 or €40.90 for the 65-585 version.


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Al Grounder - tough tires for SUV bikes Download (pdf, 309.3 KiB) The tyre tread on the Al Grounder is reminiscent of motorcycle tires.
Image/Photo: Schwalbe
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Crossover tyres for e-SUVs and touring bikes: AI Grounder runs smoothly along roads, country lanes and light off-road terrains. Download (jpg, 2.7 MiB)