New video series: “Build Your Dream” - Episode 1

Featuring Chris Burkard and his backyard jump trail project


March 28th, 2022 – Arroyo Grande, CA: His passion for surfing led him down a path to become one of the most iconic sports, nature and outdoor photographers in the world. After extensive long distance endurance bike racing like the 950 km/590mile The Westfjords way through Island, Chris came home to where it all started to create his own jump trails in his backyard, bringing his local riding community back together, sharing the great moments, building his dream.

There’s nothing better than seeing friends enjoying a creation you’ve made

-Chris Burkard

“A look into Chris Burkard’s backyard” is the first episode in Schwalbe’s “Build your dream” video series. A video series to celebrate unique characters like Chris, cultivating community through trail building.


Chris was not always a passionate cyclist, but his adventurous spirit saw the bike as another vehicle to connect with nature and push his exploits deeper into the unknown. Not one to simply dip a toe in the cycling waters, he dove in head first, chasing ultra-endurance missions and first accents of dreamt up routes in desolate locations. Iceland being a favorite destination for his adventures, he first circumnavigated the island on a road bike, later led the first East/West off-road crossing and finished it off with a winter North/South crossing of the unforgiving island.

Having chased cycling goals on all different types of bikes and surfaces, Chris was still missing that final arrow in his quiver, a mountain bike.  Good friend and fellow rider, KC Deane finally convinced Chris giving the mountain bike a chance and the love affair began.

“I was on the road, riding 300 miles a day, doing ultra-distance distance races. It was a funny transition because I don’t think I’ve never fallen in love with something so quickly.”
Chris Burkard

Armed with a new passion, a little ingenuity and help from good friends, Chris realized a boyhood dream of creating his own backyard jump trail – with his local riding community sharing his passion.


Height: 5’-8”
Bike: Fezzari Delano Peak - 135mm travel
Tire: Schwalbe Nobby Nic Front/Rear
Tire Size: 29 x 2.35
Tires Casing: SuperTrail
Tire Compound: Addix SpeedGrip
Tire Pressure: 32 PSI


Height: 5’-10”
Bike: Canyon Torque – 170mm travel
Tire: Schwalbe Magic Mary Front/Rear
Tire Size: 29 x 2.35
Tires Casing: SuperGravity
Tire Compound: Addix Soft
Tire Pressure: 32 PSI Front/34 PSI Rear